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Tsumeb is a town located within the Otavi Triangle, an area with relatively high-rainfall and fertile soil. The town is known for its many Jacaranda trees and it has been dubbed a “Garden Town”.

The name Tsumeb is believed to have come from the word “Otjisume” which meant place of algae in the Herero language. The origin of this name and its meaning could have been because of the hill of oxidized copper ore that had existed.

Tsumeb was originally the home of the San people. It was here when they discovered copper ore and extracted the ore found close to the surface of the land. The San people used this copper to trade with each other and with colonialists. This is then led to various excursions made by colonialists to discover more ore deposits. However, this proved difficult as the area was remote and there were no established routes yet.

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Tourist Attractions

Lake Guinas

Lake Otjikoto

Tsumeb Museum

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Police – +264 67 10 111